2006 LTER All Scientist's Meeting
2006 LTER All Scientist's Meeting
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2006 LTER ASM Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find information on the program and sessions?

A: The program is at http://www.lternet.edu/asm /2006/agenda/ .  The working group schedule is at http://www.lternet.edu/asm /2006/workshop/ .  The poster schedule will be at http://www.lternet.edu/asm /2006/posters/posters.php by September 8.

Q: How do I get from the Denver Airport to the YMCA of the Rockies?

A: The LNO is organizing bus transport to Estes Park on September 19 and 20 and to Denver International Airport on the 24 th .  People traveling on those days and funded by the LNO will receive confirmation of their bus reservation around September 7.  An additional 150 seats are available on buses scheduled for September 20 and 24, and you can sign up for those spaces at http://www.lternet.edu/asm /2006/transportation/ .  Those people who sign up will also receive confirmation on September 7.

Information Managers who are funded by the LNO and arriving early for the IM meeting will have to make a reservation with the Estes Park Shuttle to get to the YMCA.  However, we will reserve bus space for them on the 24 th to get back to Denver.

Everyone else has to use the Estes Park Shuttle or make alternative arrangements.  Please do so as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I rent a car and get reimbursed?

A: In general, no.  However, a few people with very late arrivals may have no other alternative.  Do not, however, assume you will be reimbursed without consulting with the LNO.

Q: I'm driving.  How do I get to the YMCA of the Rockies?

A: See http://www.ymcarockies.org /page.php?code=6

Q: How do I know where and when to put up my poster?

A: A poster schedule will be available on the web site by September 8 and will be in the printed program distributed at registration.

Q:  How will I know when I should tend my poster?

A: If your poster space is an odd number, please plan on tending your poster during the first hour of the session; even number, second hour. Posters were organized so that folks presenting more than one could tend at different times, or if of the same discipline, set up side-by-side.  The one exception is Friday, when all posters are tended at the same time.

Q: I was supposed to receive confirmation of my housing reservation from the YMCA, but I haven't.  What should I do?

A: Don't worry.  As far as we know, the YMCA has not sent out any confirmations.  The LNO is working with them to make sure that their rooming list is complete.  The YMCA is also holding rooms in reserve in case of mix ups.

Q: Do I have to register for the meeting?

A: Yes.  Do it now at https://www.sgmeet.com/lter /lter2006/reginfo.asp .

Q: I would like to organize an ad hoc meeting at the ASM.  How do I get meeting space?

A: E-mail John Vande Castle at jvc@lternet.edu .

Q: What about meals?

A: If you are staying at the YMCA, meals are included in your lodging charge.

Q: I am commuting to the meeting.  How do I get fed?

A: You will have to buy a meal ticket at the desk in the Administration building.  Breakfast is $6, lunch $8, and dinner $11.  You will also have to pay a $6/day use fee.  There is plenty of parking.

Q: Will vegetarian meals be available?

A: Dining at the YMCA is cafeteria style.  There should be plenty of vegetarian options in the cafeteria line, but if you have special dietary requirements, write Pam Griego at pgriego@lternet.edu .

Q: Will there be support to follow up on collaborations developed at the ASM?

A: Yes.  The LNO has funds for follow up meetings.  Details will be provided at the ASM.