2003 LTER All Scientist's Meeting 2003 LTER All Scientist's Meeting
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2003 LTER ASM Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I looked over the registration info at the ASM website. Under hotel reservations it states that 9 individuals will be nominated by each site. It implies though does not say so that those nominated need do nothing more for their hotel reservations than show up -- is this true?

A: Per person lodging ($360) for four nights (Thursday through Sunday) will be the same for everyone and paid directly by the Network Office for nine people from each site. Essentially, the Network Office will pre-pay one single and four double rooms for each site. It will be up to each site to decide which people fill these rooms.

Your site needs to tell The LTER Network office which of your nine nominated people will get a single room, and who will be rooming together among the other eight. Once we have this information, the Schneider Group will block the rooms and send confirmations to the nine people. Nothing else needs to be done

Q: As for travel, should those nominated contact Rio Grande Travel directly to make their flight arrangements?

A: If you are one of the nine people nominated by your site to attend the 2003 LTER ASM, please call Rio Grande Travel 1-800-778-6861 or 505/768-7999 as soon as possible and ask for a UNM Representative. You may also contact the following representatives directly for assistance: Rita Ortiz at RitaO@RGTravel.com , Tracey Fria at TraceyF@RGTravel.com or Johanna Stackpole at Jstackpole@RGTravel.com. Tell the agent that the LTER Network Office at UNM (contact: Pam Griego) is paying for your ticket. If you have any other problems, please e-mail the manager, Doris Phillips, DorisP@RGTravel.com with a copy to Pam Griego. Once you have made and approved your reservation, Rio Grande will forward the itinerary to the
Network Office, which will pay for the ticket.

If you wish to purchase the airline ticket yourself, please e-mail Pam Griego your arrival/departure dates/times, flight number and the amount of the ticket. Reimbursement for the ticket will be made after the meeting.

NOTE: We have instructed Rio Grande not to process any reservations made within 21 days of the ASM meeting. Therefore, you must make your reservation early or you will lose your funding.

Lodging and air fares for your participants will be paid directly by the Network Office. All other costs will be reimbursed by the sites directly.

Q: Is there separate funding for the members of the Coordinating and Executive Committees to attend the LTER-ASM?

A: There is no separate budget for a fall CC meeting this year. Because there was originally no CC meeting planned, we rebudgeted these funds to be used instead for synthesis activities. However, each site will receive support for two senior people among their nine delegates paid for by the Network Office. One of these people can be your representative to the CC meeting.

The Network Office will pay for the Executive Committee to attend their business meeting at the LTER-ASM.